Friday, November 5, 2010


So, everyone has been telling me for a long time I should write a book with all of the sayings that my daughter says to me.... For a three year old, she has some pretty big ideas :-) So this is going to be my way of writing down what she says so I remember it all and can share it with everyone! Today's Abby-isms: Aaron and Abby were in the hallway supposedly putting on their shoes so we could go for a walk, and all of a sudden Aaron lost his balance (accidently or on purpose, I am not sure) and landed on Abby. She looks up at me and said "Mommy! Aaron destroyed me!"  The second one was: Abby did not want to put on her sweater, and I told her she had to... She looked up at me with all seriousness while holding her doll and said "No Mommy... Ariel told me I didn't have to."

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