Sunday, November 7, 2010

patience abby-ism

My Facebook status, but I put it here too. Abby story of the day: Abby and Aaron were on my lap while I was on Facebook and we were playing a train game. Aaron was so excited to see the trains he was jumping and pointing and screaming. Abby looked over and said "patience, young Padawan, patience."

 (for those who might not know, a padawan is an apprentice Jedi. From the Wookieepedia: PadawanPadawan learner, or Jedi Apprentice in Basic, referred to a Force-sensitive adolescent who had begun one-on-one instruction with a Jedi Knight or Master outside of the Jedi academy. Having passed the Initiate Trials and ascended in rank from an Initiate, Padawans were given more responsibilities within the Jedi Order but were subject to the demands of their master.)

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